A critical success factor in achieving the desired results of a brilliant network design is the quality and capabilities of the implementation team. You need engineers who know the products and have practical experience working in a multi‐brand environment.

- Building of network operations centers
- Technology consolidation and simplificationitconsulting
- Reconfiguring and upgrading of network elements, systems, and facilities
- Documenting the physical and logical network
- Configuration and installation of Router, switch,etc …
- Carrier service management
- Operating systems migration and upgrades.


Business competitiveness
Since, the expectation is closer alignment of business processes that should result from wider use of ICT across the construction and properties’ management sector, it is reasonable to expect more efficient and effective implementation from GINFORM  arising out of an understanding of what competitors and supply chain partners are doing.

Quality policies
GINFORM creates and executes a project with a scheduling tool such as Microsoft Project or with the addition of other tools and templates.