Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery :
Corporate bodies, seeking backup and disaster recovery solutions, receive support from our well-trained staff. We provide advisory on-site and remote services to ensure business continuity in the event of disaster.

Co-location and Server Hosting :
The Companies requiring remote hosting of servers can choose a number of locations, local and international, based on desired application performance to host their servers. The service provides customers with a secure location and network connectivity for the housing mission critical servers and related equipment, data and website hosting.
Our data hosting plans are also utilized as disaster recovery (DR) sites for our customers’ critical servers.

Hosted Application Services :
We provide multi-level hosting services for our customers. This includes hosting domains, websites, application and file servers. Web and other application hosting is supported both at our local and international data centers. Our systems are manned on a 24-hour day basis to provide quick response in case support is needed. High availability is therefore assured.