We can customize our services for your specific needs without compromising your scheduled budget. We use a precise methodology to develop the right programs for our clients.
Our services delivery team will coordinate a planning session to present our solutions and review your requirements. We will then develop a comprehensive program and Service Level Agreement (SLA) to fit your needs.

  Model Plan   Highlights
 Agreement with fix fee per transaction per day  Utilize our on‐demand model to minimize your monthly fixed costs. Some companies begin their agreement contract in the on‐demand model and  move later to a maintenance contract at installation base or, as following as the company  grows.
 Mixed Customized contract, focus on service reliability  In this blended model, we provide some services on demand and others via a maintenance agreement. GINFORM will work with you to establish a melt of services that best fits your budget, your scope of work, and your end‐user requirements.
 Full Maintenance Contract with a fixed monthly fee  Contracted guarantee resolution within a specific time frame. We offer an industry‐leading user‐friendly online portal that you can use to submit and track requests, or you can just call us and we’ll handle the process directly.

Remote & Onsite Enterprise Service :
Your remote team doesn’t have the time to deal with downtime. That’s why GINFORM offers two services options to quickly and cost‐effectively to get them back on their way.