• Our Mission & Vision :

The project wide success can really be successful only if the project ICT champion recognises a clear and he present benefits to its own interests. This is most likely to be found in those organisations whose interests exceed well the practical completion of the project. The experienced organisations and major contracting firms are ideally suited to this role.

      • Our Values :

Ginform’s business model is hinged on simplifying solutions by partnering with the best-in-class global companies for their best products and services and delivering them to our customers in the best manner, using the best staff. Our approach is to ensure that solutions provided have to be simple but robust making it possible for our customers to manage their systems after the training and the handing over. Our customers are also assured of our proactive support after sale with our technical team.

      • Business goals & objectives :

GINFORM has and aims to partner with best-in-class partners and technology to provide solutions to customers. GINFORM is known for its expertise in Business Continuity Solutions such as IT Consultancy, Computer Networking, PABX & Phone Installation, CCTV and Fire Fighting System, Data Replication & Protection, Virtualization, Storage & Server deployment. Other specialties include supply, installation and servicing of computers & accessories backed with a highly skilled and proficient technical team that prides itself in the delivery of customer satisfaction.

      • Growth strategy :

Projects use a rigorous methodology with independent data sources. they identify success factors and reveals practical examples of best practice engagement with ICT-mediated supply chains, which are detailed in a series of success factors for ICT integration in the construction industry:

    1. Client leadership of ICT integration in project teams
    2. Head contractors driving ICT in project teams
    3. Consultants adding value through ICT in project teams
    4. Developing ICT agility for subcontractors in project teams.